We welcome academics from the nonlinear dynamics community to attend the EUROMECH Colloquium on Non-smooth Dynamical Systems that will take place in Dublin, Ireland on 11-13th December, 2023.

Dublin is a global hub of innovation and research and University College Dublin is at the forefront of engineering innovation in Ireland.

The workshop will gather European and international researchers and entrepreneurs specialising in the field of non-smooth dynamical systems, to discuss scientific and technological progresses, expand networks, and stimulate academic as well as academia-industry collaborations. The theoretical and applied insights of the dynamical systems community into issues where non-smoothness occurs naturally will be brought together in this Colloquium. The major themes include:

Foundational: Fundamental theory, studies around challenging basic assumptions, geometry, stability, bifurcations, emergent phenomena, development of analytical methods, and numerical implementations. Example topics include, but are not limited to, perturbations, stochasticity, un-modeled and hidden dynamics.
Applications: Experimental/numerical modeling of instances of Vibro-impact and stick-slip dynamics- For instance, heat exchanger tubes, floating ice with rolling ships, rubbing between stator and rotor blades in turbo machinery, hand-held percussion machines, loosely fitted joints, gear-pair systems with backlash and free-play, pile drivers, automotive braking, ship mooring lines, and fenders etc.

Additionally, the workshop will encourage Masters and Ph.D. students to present their research ideas and progresses, and provide a unique opportunity to meet and talk to renowned experts in the field.

We hope the workshop will be an excellent international platform for every participant who will get a momentum for enhancing the insights to this field.

We look forward to welcome you in Dublin.

For queries kindly contact: nonsmoothdynamics.euromech@ucd.ie or aasifa.rounak@ucd.ie


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